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The Adjustable Crate is a block that stores Items



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Adjustable Crate Brass Casing
Brass CasingBrass CasingBrass Casing
Brass CasingBrass Casing
Brass CasingBrass CasingBrass Casing

Adjustable Crate4


Much like a Chest, an Adjustable Crate placed next to another crate will form a larger crate equivalent in storage to two individual crates.


An adjustable crate has 16 slots of inventory space, and two combined crates have 32 slots of inventory space.

Crates open when used and, unlike chests, can be opened when there is an opaque block above them.

The storage space of an crate can be adjusted by scrolling with the cursor over the second number of the crate's GUI. Holding shift while scrolling will adjust by one slot (64 items) at a time.

When an adjustable crate is filled with items that do not stack to 64, the number of items in the crate can show as being less than the maximum, while still not allowing more items to be placed inside.