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The Andesite Funnel is used to extract or insert materials into inventories, similar in nature to the Brass Funnel.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Andesite Funnel Andesite Alloy +
Dried Kelp
Andesite AlloyDried KelpAndesite Alloy
Dried Kelp

Andesite Funnel2


While held, funnels prevent the player from accessing inventories, instead placing them. Sneak right clicking with a Funnel places it in input mode. Using a Wrench on the funnel switches it between input and output mode. Redstone can be applied to stop the funnel from inputting or outputting. Right-clicking a funnel on a Mechanical Belt causes it to extend one block forward.


  • Version 0.3.1: Funnels can be set to insert or extract with a Wrench.
  • Version 0.3: "Funnel mechanics revised." A Mechanical Belt is required to insert or extract items from inventories.
  • Version 0.2: Funnels can be filtered, pick up item entities, sit on belts sideways, and be placed vertically.
  • Version 0.1: Belt Funnel was added.