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The Basin is a block that holds items and fluids used in Packing, Compacting, and Mixing recipes. A Basin can also function as an interaction point in fluid systems as fluids can be placed in or removed from a Basin directly by a player. In a survival game, a Basin's most significant function is creating Brass, which is essential for the creation of most advanced components.


Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Basin Andesite Alloy
Andesite AlloyAndesite Alloy
Andesite AlloyAndesite AlloyAndesite Alloy



Packing, Compacting, and Mixing[]

Basins can be used in conjunction with a Mechanical Mixer to apply Mixing recipes and with a Mechanical Press to apply Packing and Compacting recipes.

If a Basin is placed two blocks below a powered Mechanical Mixer or Mechanical Press, the mixer or press will activate as soon as the basin contains all the ingredients for a valid recipe.

A Basin's filter slot can be used to restrict which recipes will be performed. Right-click the filter slot with the desired item to set the filter.

A Basin can contain both items and fluids. A Basin can contain up to 64 of each item and up to 1000 mB of each fluid. Items can be added by hoppers, funnels, and fan-powered Chutes, and fluids can be added by Fluid Pipes and by Deployers holding buckets and bottles. Basins can also take in items floating in the world in and directly above their block space. Players can interact with a basin's fluid inventory in a similar manner to vanilla cauldrons.

Some mixing recipes (including that of Brass) require a heated or super-heated Blaze Burner to be directly underneath the basin.

A Basin can output its item products to another Basin, a Mechanical Belt, a Depot, a Chute, a pair of Crushing Wheels, or an Item Drain. A Basin can output fluid products to another Basin or an Item Drain.

  • The destination of the output must be in the block directly below an air block directly next to the basin.
  • If a Basin has a valid output destination, a spout will appear on the side of the Basin, "pouring" the items out of the Basin and to the destination. If multiple output destinations are possible, right-clicking the Basin with a Wrench will change the location of the spout.

Fluid Logistics[]

Since fluids in Basins can be added and removed directly by players, Basins provide a valuable interaction point with fluid logistics systems. For instance, it can allow players to manually fill or empty a Fluid Tank connected to a basin by a Mechanical Pump.