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The Brass Funnel is a block that can extract or insert items into inventories, much like the Andesite Funnel.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Brass Funnel Brass Ingot +
Electron Tube +
Dried Kelp
Brass IngotElectron TubeBrass Ingot
Dried Kelp

Brass Funnel


Like other Brass machines, the Brass Funnel can be set to filter items. It can also output a set amount of items, as well as only input items stacked to the set amount.

It can be set to insert or extract with a Wrench.

It can be turned off with redstone.


Version 0.3.1: Funnels can be set to insert or extract with a Wrench.
Version 0.3: "Funnel mechanics revised." A Mechanical Belt is required to insert or extract items from inventories.
Version 0.2: Funnels can be filtered, pick up item entities, sit on belts sideways, and be placed vertically.
Version 0.1: Belt Funnel was added