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The Brass Tunnel is a machine that can only be placed on Mechanical Belts. It can sort items that pass through.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Brass Tunnel Electron Tube +
Brass Ingot +
Dried Kelp
Electron Tube
Brass IngotBrass Ingot
Dried KelpDried Kelp

Brass Tunnel2


Item Sorting[]

Sides of the Brass Tunnel can be filtered to only allow certain items to pass. If multiple outputs are available, items will be split.


Items can be split by having multiple sides of the Tunnel connected to an outgoing belt, or through multiple adjacent tunnels with outgoing belts.

Synchronizing Outputs[]

Using the Wrench, adjacent Tunnels can be set to output all at once, stalling when items are missing. Synchronized tunnels may not draw from adjacent tunnels, so it may be necessary to have splitting tunnels placed before them.