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Contraptions are customizable moving structures.


Contraptions can be made by using contraption controllers such as Bearings, Cart Assemblers, Gantry Carriages, or Mechanical Pistons.


Multiple blocks can be moved with the use of Linear Chassis, Radial Chassis, or Super Glue. Blocks that attach to other blocks, such as Levers, Sails, or Torches, will automatically become part of the Contraption.

A Mechanical Bearing can be added to a Contraption to attach a second Contraption that keeps one alignment as the structure moves. It can be attached at any orientation.

Ferris Wheel Mechanic 2.gif

A minecart contraption with a Mechanical Bearing.

Movement Modes[]

Most Contraption anchors have movement modes that can be changed by hovering over them with a Wrench and scrolling. Most anchors include "Always place when stopped," "Only place near starting position," and "Only place when anchor is destroyed," determining when the blocks are placed back into the world. Cart Assemblers have "always face movement," "pause actors while rotating," and "lock rotation."

World Interaction[]

Contraptions can carry items, liquids, or mobs, provided they have a storage block, Fluid Tank, or Seats, respectively. Contraptions can also carry entities using only their collision. In addition, Doors, Trapdoors, and Levers can be interacted with on active contraptions.

Contraptions can use the Deployer, Fluid or Storage Interface, or the Mechanical Saw, Drill, Harvester or Plough to interact with the world. They will stall while breaking blocks or using interfaces. They can also use Dispensers and Droppers to shoot and drop items, respectively.

Bells, including the Peculiar Bell and Haunted Bell, can be put on contraptions. Depending on where the bell is in relation to the contraption, the bell will toll in various contexts. Every time the Haunted Bell tolls, it will highlight the area around it if mobs can spawn there.

  • For most contraptions, the bell will toll every time it stops, starts, or changes directions.
  • For the Mechanical Bearing, if placed in the center of the contraption, the bell will toll for every full rotation.
  • For the Minecart Contraption, if placed in the center, the bell will toll when the minecart begins to move. If placed to the left or right of the cart, the bell will toll for every right or left turn, respectively.

Contraptions will not collide with blocks unless the appropriate world interaction block makes the collision.


Version Changes
Version 0.3.2: Obsidian can no longer be moved by Contraptions. Doors and Trapdoors on Contraptions can now be interacted with.
Version 0.3.1: Slime blocks on moving contraptions are now bouncy. Ice blocks on moving Contraptions are now slippery. Deployers can use Schematics to place blocks accordingly.
Version 0.3: Added Contraptions mounted between two minecarts. Dispensers, droppers, and bells now work on contraptions. Mechanical Bearings stabilize the rotation of another contraption on a contraption.
Version 0.2: Contraptions stall when performing certain actions. Contraptions automatically fill their inventories with outputs from world-interaction blocks.
Version 0.1: Added.