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Crushing Wheels are the more advanced version of the Millstone. It applies Crushing recipes to any items inserted from the direction they are spinning away from.



Name Ingredients Mechanical Crafting Recipe
Crushing Wheels Andesite Alloy +
Any Planks +
Any Variant of Stone


Two Crushing Wheels must be placed next to each other horizontally or vertically one block apart. Both wheels must be given equal and opposite rotational force. Any items to be crushed must be inserted where the wheels rotate inwards.

Crushing Wheels will kill mobs and players and eject their drops.


Crushing Wheels and Millstones can apply the following recipes to items inserted from above:

Input Millstone output Crushing Wheels output
Andesite Cobblestone
Block of Brass N/A 5 Crushed Brass
Block of Copper N/A 5 Crushed Copper
Block of Zinc N/A 5 Crushed Zinc
Bone 3 Bone Meal
3 additional Bone Meal (25% chance each)
1 White Dye (25% chance)
Bone Meal 2 White Dye
1 Light Gray Dye (10% chance)
Cactus 2 Green Dye
1 additional Green Dye (10% chance)
Charcoal 1 Black Dye
2 Gray Dye (10% chance each)
Coal 2 Black Dye
1 Gray Dye (10% chance)
Coal Ore N/A 1 Coal
2 additional Coal (30% chance each)
1 Cobblestone (12% chance)
Cobblestone 1 Gravel
Copper Ore 1 Crushed Copper 1 Crushed Copper
2 additional Crushed Copper (30% chance each)
1 Cobblestone (12% chance)
Diamond Ore N/A 2 Diamonds
1 additional Diamond (25% chance)
1 Cobblestone (12% chance)
Diorite 1 Limesand
Emerald Ore N/A 2 Emeralds
1 additional Emerald (25% chance)
1 Cobblestone (12% chance)
Gold Ore 1 Crushed Gold Ore 1 Crushed Gold Ore
2 additional Crushed Gold Ore (30% chance each)
1 Cobblestone (12% chance)
Granite 1 Red Sand
Gravel 1 Flint 1 Sand
1 Flint (20% chance)
1 Clay Ball (10% chance)
Ink Sac 2 Black Dye
1 Gray Dye (10% chance)
Iron Ore 1 Crushed Iron Ore 1 Crushed Iron Ore
2 additional Crushed Iron Ore (30% chance each)
1 Cobblestone (12% chance)
Lapis Lazuli Ore N/A 12 Lapis Lazuli
8 additional Lapis Lazuli (25% chance each)
1 Cobblestone (12% chance)
Netherrack N/A 1 Cinder Flour
Obsidian N/A 1 Powdered Obsidian
1 additional Obsidian (75% chance)
Redstone Ore N/A 8 Redstone Dust
6 additional Redstone Dust (25% chance each)
1 Cobblestone (12% chance)
Sand 1 Limesand 1 Limesand
1 additional Limesand (50% chance)
1 Bone Meal (5% chance)
Terracotta 1 Red Sand
Wheat 1 Wheat Flour
2 additional Wheat Flour (25% chance each)
1 Wheat Seeds (25% chance)
Zinc Ore 1 Crushed Zinc 1 Crushed Zinc
2 additional Crushed Zinc (30% chance each)
1 Cobblestone (12% chance)


When crafting Crushing Wheels you can use any kind of stone. This includes Andesite, Diorite and Granite but does not include Cobblestone

A pair of crushing wheels

Crushing Speed[]

I tested the speed at which the Crushing Wheels can process Cobblestone Stacks. Multiple Crushing Wheels at different velocities for 5 minutes

Crushed Stacks at x Velocity in y minutes
x\y 5 minutes 1 minute (calculated)
96 rpm 24 Stacks 4.8 Stacks
112 rpm 28 Stacks 5.6 Stacks
128 rpm 32 Stacks 6.4 Stacks
192 rpm 48 Stacks 9.6 Stacks
256 rpm 64 Stacks 12.8 Stacks

If anyone has a better way to get the values then please edit this section but for now that's the best I could find out. If we use the fastest as reference then we can roughly create a formula to the the Stacks/minute

0.05 * rpm = Stacks/minute

I guess that's the right value because it adds up to nice numbers if you use it for 5 minutes.