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The Cuckoo Clock is a block that displays in-game time.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Cuckoo Clock Any Planks +
Clock +
Any Log +
Oak Planks
Oak PlanksClockOak Planks
Oak LogCogwheelOak Log

Cuckoo Clock
Mysterious Cuckoo Clock Gunpowder +
Cuckoo Clock
GunpowderCuckoo ClockGunpowder

Cuckoo Clock


The Cuckoo Clock is powered by connecting a Shaft, or other rotational component, to the back of the clock.

The Cuckoo Clock can run at any rotational speed, and produces stress equivalent to it's speed.

Besides showing the in-game time, the Cuckoo Clock also chimes twice daily, once at noon, and once dusk (as soon as players can sleep). At noon a small pig pops in and out of the clock 3 times and makes an oinking sounds, at dusk a small creeper pops in and out of the clock 3 times and makes hissing sounds.

Mysterious Cuckoo Clock[]

The Mysterious Cuckoo Clock is an easter egg. Power it and wait until noon.

Mysterious Cuckoo Clock (SPOILER)
When powered, at noon the clock will chime, and a creeper figurine will rapidly pop in and out of the clock.
Smoke particles and a hissing sound will be emitted before the clock explodes with the same power as a single block of tnt, about ~3 blocks.


Release 0.3.2: No longer works in the Nether.
Release 0.2: Added.