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The Deployer simulates player actions on blocks or entities up to 2 blocks away from it.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Deployer Electron Tube +
Cogwheel +
Andesite Casing +
Brass Hand
Electron Tube
CogwheelAndesite CasingCogwheel
Brass Hand




The Deployer can be given items to use with machines or by right clicking the items into the hand.

The filter on the face of the Deployer can be adjusted to only use certain items. The filter is also essential when using a Deployer in a Contraption.

The Deployer has 2 inventory slots; the held item and one extra internal slot. As well as unusable items, items harvested by the Deployer will be transferred to the extra slot to be removed by machines, during which time the Deployer will stall. Items cannot be extracted from the extra slot directly by the player.

The Deployer simulates right clicks by default. It can be adjusted to left click instead with a Wrench. While in left-click mode, the Deployer can use normal tools, such as pickaxes and swords. The tools will behave as if the player was holding them, including mobs dropping rare items when slain by a Deployer.

Sequenced Assembly[]

(see: Crafting Components)

When positioned above a Mechanical Belt or Depot, the Deployer can use held items to build components like the Cogwheel and Precision Mechanism. Each component built in this manner can require multiple passes and has a percentage chance of producing random junk rather than the intended item.