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The Encased Fan is a mechanical component that can create air streams and generate power. Its air streams are used for moving entities or for Bulk Washing, Bulk Blasting, and Bulk Smoking.

The Encased Fan connects to other rotational components from the back.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Encased Fan Shaft +
Cogwheel +
Andesite Casing +
CogwheelAndesite CasingCogwheel

Encased Fan


Power Generation[]

When an Encased Fan is placed facedown directly over a heat source (Fire, Lava, Magma Block, active Blaze Burner, Soul Campfire, or a Campfire) and powered by Redstone, it will provide 64 units of Kinetic Stress at 4 RPM.

This setup is tied with a Windmill Bearing attached to a single block of Wool as the most compact power source available in Survival mode.

Pushing and Pulling Entities[]

When powered by rotational force, an Encased Fan creates an air stream that extends several blocks in front of it. This air stream pushes entities away from the fan or pulls entities towards it depending on the direction of the rotation that the fan receives. Powering an Encased Fan with faster rotational force will cause its air stream to be stronger and faster.

Bulk Item Processing[]

When the air stream of an Encased Fan passes through Lava, Fire, or Water, the air stream downstream will apply to items Bulk Blasting, Bulk Smoking, and Bulk Washing recipes, respectively. These recipes are applied to item entities when they sit in the air stream, whether they are in the world, on a Mechanical Belt, or on a Depot. These recipes can be applied to multiple items at once.

Bulk Item Processing Speed[]

All forms of Bulk Processing (Smoking, Blasting, and Washing) process items at the same speeds. However, different stack sizes take a different amount of time to process, as listed below:

Bulk Item Processing Speeds
Item count in a stack Processing time Maximum belt speed
1-16 7.5 seconds 3.2 RPM
17-32 15 seconds 1.6 RPM
33-48 22.5 seconds 1.06 RPM
49-64 30 seconds 0.8 RPM

Note that if a recipe's output is also a valid input for a different recipe (such as Cobblestone → Stone → Smooth Stone), the second recipe will start being processed immediately after the previous one is finished. Use Depots with filtered Brass Funnels, Mechanical Arms with filtered outputs, or Mechanical Belts set to the correct speed (as listed above).

Bulk Item Processing Recipes[]

  • Bulk Smoking will apply any recipe that can be applied in Smokers.
  • Bulk Blasting will apply any recipe that can be applied in Furnaces but not Smokers.
    • Warning: Passing incompatible items through Bulk Blasting will incinerate them.
  • Bulk Washing will apply any recipe listed below:
Bulk Washing Recipes
Input Output Recipe
1 Bucket 1 Water Bucket
Bulk Washing
Water Bucket
1 Concrete Powder (any color) 1 Concrete (same color)
White Concrete Powder
Bulk Washing
White Concrete
1 Crushed Ore 10 Nuggets

5 Nuggets (50% chance each)

1 Glass (stained) 1 Glass (clear)
White Stained Glass
Bulk Washing
1 Glass Pane (stained) 1 Glass Pane (clear)
White Stained Glass Pane
Bulk Washing
Glass Pane
1 Gravel 1 Flint (25% chance)

1 Iron Nugget (12% chance)

Bulk Washing
Flint25%Iron Nugget12%
1 Ice 1 Packed Ice
Bulk Washing
Packed Ice
1 Limestone 1 Weathered Limestone
Bulk Washing
Weathered Limestone
1 Magma Block 1 Obsidian
Magma Block
Bulk Washing
1 Red Sand 3 Gold Nuggets (12% chance each)

1 Dead Bush (5% chance)

Red Sand
Bulk Washing
Gold Nugget312%Dead Bush5%
1 Sand 1 Clay Ball (25% chance)
Bulk Washing
Clay Ball25%
1 Soul Sand 4 Nether Quartz (12% chance each)

1 Gold Nugget (2% chance)

Soul Sand
Bulk Washing
Nether Quartz412%Gold Nugget2%
1 Wheat Flour 1 Dough
Wheat Flour
Bulk Washing
1 Wool (dyed) 1 Wool (white)
Orange Wool
Bulk Washing
White Wool