The Encased Fan is a mechanical component added by Create that functions as a tool for moving entities and items, as a generator, and as an essential component for bulk washing, bulk smelting, and bulk smoking.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Pushing and pulling[edit | edit source]

When connected to rotational force, an Encased Fan creates an air flow in the several blocks in front of it, which will either push or pull entities or items depending on the direction of rotation.

Bulk item processing[edit | edit source]

When the air flow of an Encased Fan passes through water, lava, or fire, the air flow downstream of the relevant block will apply processing recipes to items that pass through. These recipes can be applied to items either in the world or on a Mechanical Belt.

Bulk washing[edit | edit source]

An air flow containing water will apply the following recipes:

Input Output
Concrete Powder (any color) 1 Concrete (same color)
Crushed Brass 10 Brass Nuggets
5 additional Brass Nuggets (50% chance each)
Crushed Copper 10 Copper Nuggets
5 additional Copper Nuggets (50% chance each)
Crushed Gold 10 Gold Nuggets
5 additional Gold Nuggets (50% chance each)
Crushed Iron 10 Iron Nuggets
5 additional Iron Nuggets (50% chance each)
Crushed Zinc Zinc Nuggets
5 additional Zinc Nuggets (50% chance each)
Glass (stained) 1 Glass (clear)
Glass Pane (stained) 1 Glass Pane (clear)
Gravel 1 Flint (25% chance)
1 Iron Nugget (12% chance)
Ice 1 Packed Ice
Magma Block 1 Obsidian
Red Sand 3 Gold Nuggets (12% chance each)
1 Dead Bush (5% chance)
Sand 1 Clay Ball (25% chance)
Soul Sand 4 Nether Quartz (12% chance each)
1 Gold Nugget (2% chance)
Wheat Flour 1 Dough
Wool (dyed) 1 Wool (white)

Bulk smelting[edit | edit source]

An air flow containing lava will apply any smelting recipe that can be applied in a Furnace but not a Smoker.

Bulk smoking[edit | edit source]

An air flow containing fire will apply any recipe that can be applied in a Smoker.

Power generation[edit | edit source]

When an Encased Fan is placed facedown directly over a heat source (fire, lava, magma, or a Campfire) and powered by redstone, it will provide 32 SU of rotational force at 16 RPM. This is tied with a Mechanical Bearing attached to a single block of wool as the most compact power source that can be constructed in survival mode.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Fan recipe.png Note : any type of wood log can be used to craft this item.

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