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The Fluid Tank is a fluid storage mechanism that can store up to 8 buckets (displayed as 8,000 mB in-game) of fluid per block.

Fluid tanks will merge with adjacent tanks, up to a maximum of 3x32x3, allowing to store up to 2,304 buckets of any fluid.


Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Fluid Tank Copper Sheet +
Copper Sheet
Copper Sheet

Fluid Tank


Fluids can be stored and extracted from fluid tanks via Fluid Pipe. The fluid pipes can be placed on any face of the fluid tank: top, bottom, or sides.

The direction of flow in the fluid pipe indicates whether fluids will be put into the tank or extracted from the tank; if fluid is flowing towards the tank, the fluid will be stored in the tank. Likewise, if a fluid pipe is flowing away from the tank (via Mechanical Pump), then fluid from the tank will be extracted into that pipe.

The placement of fluid pipe connections to the tank is not important for functionality. For instance, an extracting pipe can be placed at the top of a tank and still remove fluid from the tank, even if the fluid tank is not completely full.



  • 0.4: Crafting Recipe changed.
  • 0.3: Introduced.