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The Furnace Engine can be used to generate Rotational Force when a furnace/blast furnace/smoker smelts/cooks an item.



ToolWooden Pickaxe.png
Breaking time[Note 1]
Blank.png Default15
Oak Planks.png Wooden2.3
Cobblestone.png Stone1.15
Iron Ingot.png Iron0.75
Diamond.png Diamond0.6
Netherite Ingot.png Netherite0.5
Gold Ingot.png Golden0.4
  1. Times are for unenchanted tools as wielded by players with no status effects, measured in seconds. For more information, see Breaking § Speed.

Mechanical Crafting[]

The Furnace Engine must be crafted using Mechanical Crafters

Name Ingredients Mechanical Crafting Recipe
Furnace Engine Brass Sheet +
Brass Ingot +
Brass Casing +
Piston/Sticky Piston


Power Generation[]

The Furnace Engine is the most powerful source of SU. In order to generate power, it must be connected to a Furnace, Smoker, or Blast Furnace, as well as a Flywheel. To generate power with a Furnace Engine, place it adjacent a Furnace block, then place the Flywheel one block away from the Furnace Engine (there must be air between the two). They should be in a line, spanning 4 blocks in total. A Furnace/Smoker will generate 16384 SU at 16 RPM. Using a Blast Furnace will generate twice as much SU and RPM as the furnace and smoker at 32768 SU at 32 RPM. The only caveat with using the Blast Furnace is that it burns through smelting items quicker and has a much more limited set of smeltable items.

The Furnace Engine will generate power so long as it is burning. When whatever fuel inside it stops burning, the generator will come to a halt.

Because of this, a chute can be attached to the top of the furnace with an encased fan on top (connected to the flywheel), which will make it so a piece of ore (or any item that can be cooked, depending on the type of furnace) will be inputted to start the power-making, and then withdrawn, but the flywheel continues to spin, and when it stops, the item will be inputted again to restart the smelting, taken out, and so on, creating an infinite power source as long as you can fuel it. This contraption is known as a "RIPOF gen" (Recycled Item Perpetuation of Flywheel), but is sometimes called "Frendigo's trick" because the first design was made by Frendigo in Create 0.3 Automatic Blast Furnace Generator (WITHOUT USING ORE!!!). TangoTek shows off this contraption in his first episode of a series with ZedaphPlays where they play with Create, titled "Infinite Power".

A Furnace Engine connected to a Furnace and a Flywheel