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The Gantry Carriage is a block that can move structures along Gantry Shafts.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Gantry Carriage Any Planks
+ Shaft
+ Andesite Casing
+ Cogwheel
Oak Planks
ShaftAndesite CasingShaft

Gantry Carriage
Gantry Shaft Andesite Alloy
+ Redstone Dust


Place Gantry Shafts along where the Gantry Carriage will move. Apply Rotational power to the shafts to move the Carriage along them, and invert the power to move it back. Inverting the placement of the shafts will invert all movement. Use a Wrench to help change the orientation.

Apply a redstone signal to the shaft to stop the carriage and send power through the Carriage's output.

Gantry Shafts attached to the Carriage's output will move along with them automatically.

With the help of Linear Chassis, Radial Chassis, or Super Glue, the Carriage can move multiple blocks attached to the top side.


Version 0.3.1: Added