Making your first machine

To get started in this mod, you will need copper, zinc, andesite and iron. They are the basic materials to get your first machine up and working. I suggest you make andesite alloys too which can be made from 2 andesite and 2 zinc nuggets. Now, the first thing you will want to craft is water wheels. They require a water source on top of them that are flowing towards the front.

The recipe of the press! Check JEI for the andesite casing.

Now, after that you will need cogs and shafts. Cogs can be made by surrounding an Andesite Alloy with 8 wood buttons. A shaft can be made from 2 andesite alloys on top of each other in the crafting grid. Once you have these, you will want to make a Mechanical Press. After that, a world of possibilities are open for you. Once you go to the nether though, you will want to gather some blaze rods.

Then you can make Brass with it. Brass is mainly used in conveyors, item transporting etc.

Tips and tricks[edit | edit source]

Once you have made an encased fan, I suggest you break down the ores in a mill and wash them with an encased fan with a water source in front of it. This will help you gather at least 10 nuggets with and additional chance of 5 extra. Don't worry if you smelted all your ores already though. The ores are pretty common.

Wheat is a really good food. You'll want to put wheat in a mill and wash it in the machines you made earlier.

Gearboxes are pretty handy. They can help you convert horizontal rotational force into vertical and vice versa.

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