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Integrated Circuit.png This page describes content that exists only in outdated versions of Create
This feature used to be in the mod but has since been removed.

The Handheld Blockzapper was a gun which could place blocks or replace Blocks from far away.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Handheld Blockzapper Andesite Alloy +
Obsidian +
Refined Radiance
Refined Radiance
ObsidianAndesite Alloy

Handheld Blockzapper


To set what the Blockzapper places, left click the desired block and right click to place blocks. Shift right click to adjust the settings.

By default, blocks placed by the zapper will align with materials below it.


Name Effect
Follow Diagonals Counts diagonally connected blocks as part of a material border.
Ignore Material Borders Places blocks regardless of what's beneath it.
Replace Mode Replaces target blocks
Solid Places every block
Checkerboard Places only in a checkerboard pattern
Inverted Checkerboard Places in a reverse checkerboard pattern
Percent Rolls
25%, 50%, 75%
Each block has a percent chance to be placed


Chromatic Compound upgrades are better than Brass upgrades. Upgrades can be skipped.

With no upgrades, the Blockzapper can only place 1 block at a time, has a range of 15, a 1 second cooldown, and can pick up and replace blocks with up to 2.5 Hardness.

Name Brass Effect Chromatic Effect Brass Recipe Chromatic Recipe

Allows the zapper to replace and pick up blocks up to 5 Hardness Allows the zapper to replace and pick up blocks up to 50 Hardness
Brass Ingot
Brass IngotHandheld BlockzapperBrass Ingot
Brass Ingot

Handheld Blockzapper
Chromatic Compound
Chromatic CompoundHandheld BlockzapperChromatic Compound
Chromatic Compound

Handheld Blockzapper
Amplifier Can place up to a 3x3 area of blocks at once. Can place up to a 7x7 area of blocks at once.
Handheld Blockzapper
Brass IngotRefined Radiance

Handheld Blockzapper
Chromatic CompoundRefined Radiance
Handheld Blockzapper
Chromatic CompoundRefined Radiance

Handheld Blockzapper
Accelerator Decreases cooldown to 0.5 seconds. Decreases cooldown to 0.25 seconds.
SugarHandheld Blockzapper
Brass IngotSugar

Handheld Blockzapper
SugarHandheld Blockzapper
Chromatic CompoundSugar

Handheld Blockzapper
Retriever Drops from replaced blocks are pulled to the player. Replaced blocks appear in inventory instantly.
Handheld Blockzapper
Brass IngotRedstone Dust

Handheld Blockzapper
Handheld Blockzapper
Chromatic CompoundEnder Pearl

Handheld Blockzapper
Scope Increases range to 30. Increases range to 100.
GlassBrass IngotGlass
Handheld Blockzapper

Handheld Blockzapper
GlassChromatic CompoundGlass
Handheld Blockzapper

Handheld Blockzapper


Version Changes
  • Added the Handheld Blockzapper.
  • Added 5 upgrade-able components to the Blockzapper.
  • New animated Models for the Wand Of Symmetry and the Handheld Blockzapper.
  • Fixed Blockzapper upgrades not being craftable.
  • Blockzapper recipes can now be viewed from the uses of their ingredient materials.
  • Reworked animated models for the Handheld Blockzapper.
  • Fixed Blockzapper beam rendering on non-default FOV settings.
  • Fixed Walls and Fences not showing in Blockzapper preview.
  • Fixed Blockzappers placing waterlogged blocks.
  • Fixed Blockzapper not showing up in the searchable creative menu.
  • Blockzappers now select blocks server-side.
  • Blockzappers and Schematicannons can now carry over some data from blocks.
  • Fixed Blockzapper duplicating Bonemeal and breaking Bedrock.
  • Blockzappers and Schematicannons now place crops in their initial growth state.
  • Fixed various duping exploits involving the Blockzapper and Schematicannons.
  • Fixed Blockzapper issues with FTBChunks.
  • Now using generic item tags for Blockzapper Upgrade recipes.