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Limestone is a block of Rock.


Natural Generation[]

Limestone is found between Y -30 and 70 in layers with other blocks. It can generate alongside Crimsite, Tuff, and Deepslate, or alongside Calcite and Diorite.

Honey and Lava[]

Limestone is produced when Lava flows into a liquid Honey source block


Limestone can also be used as a replacement to Stone for some recipes.

Block Cutting[]

Name Ingredients Block Cutting Recipe
Any Limestone Variant Limestone


  • 0.4:
    • Removed Cobblestone, Fancy Bricks, Chiseled, Paved, Mossy, and Overgrown variants.
    • Added Small Bricks and Cut variants.
    • Generation changed to spawn in layers.
  • 0.2: Added Layered variant.
  • 0.1: Introduced.