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The Mechanical Arm is a block used to transfer items.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Mechanical Arm Brass Sheet +
Andesite Alloy +
Precision Mechanism +
Brass Casing
Brass SheetBrass SheetAndesite Alloy
Brass Sheet
Precision MechanismBrass Casing

Mechanical Arm


With the Mechanical Arm in hand, right clicking valid inventories in a 5 block radius will select them to be taken from, or deposited to if the inventory cannot be taken from. The arm will remember the order the blocks were chosen in. From there, further right clicking will toggle between taking from and depositing to. Left clicking will deselect the block. The Mechanical Arm can then be placed by right clicking on a block, and powered. The range of the arm can be adjusted in the Config.

The arm can be powered by a Cogwheel or similar blocks.

Interaction Points[]

The Mechanical Arm can interact with the following blocks:


The Mechanical Arm has three different behaviors which can be switched between with the Wrench:

  • Round Robin - The Mechanical Arm will take from and deposit to available inventories in the order they were selected in.
  • Forced Round Robin - The same function as Round Robin, but the Mechanical Arm will not move items until the next inventory in order of selection is available.
  • Prefer First - The Mechanical Arm will always take from and deposit to the first available inventory in order of placement.


  • When a Music Disc is played nearby while a Mechanical Arm is powered and not in use then the arm will dance like a Parrot.
  • In its item.json file, the model is named "inserter". This could be a reference to the game Factorio.