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The Mechanical Bearing is meant to create and rotate moving structures.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Mechanical Bearing Turntable +
Andesite Alloy +
Andesite Casing +
Andesite AlloyAndesite CasingAndesite Alloy

Mechanical Bearing


When the Mechanical Bearing is connected to a rotating Shaft, right clicking the bearing will start the rotation so long as there is a potential structure connected to the front of it.

Structure Behavior[]

The structure will rotate. If another Mechanical Bearing is used within a Contraption, facing the same way as the original, the blocks attached to that bearing will keep their alignment as the rest of the structure moves.

Ferris Wheel Mechanic 2.gif


Shift-right-clicking on a Mechanical Bearing with a Wrench will destroy the Mechanical Bearing and place it in your inventory.

In older versions, the Mechanical Bearing also had the functionality of Windmill Bearings which could be scrolled through with a Wrench.

The structure's behavior when ceasing movement can be adjusted with a Wrench. It can be told to place the blocks: always, only near the initial angle, or never.


Version Changes
Version 0.3 Windmill functionality given to Windmill Bearing. Added Ferris Wheel mechanic.
Version 0.1 Added.