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Mechanical Crafters are machines that can automatically craft items.



ToolWooden Pickaxe.pngWooden Axe.png
Breaking time[Note 1]
Blank.png Default1515
Oak Planks.png Wooden2.37.5
Cobblestone.png Stone1.153.75
Iron Ingot.png Iron0.752.5
Diamond.png Diamond0.61.9
Netherite Ingot.png Netherite0.51.7
Gold Ingot.png Golden0.41.25
  1. Times are for unenchanted tools as wielded by players with no status effects, measured in seconds. For more information, see Breaking § Speed.


Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Mechanical Crafter Electron Tube +
Cogwheel +
Brass Casing +
Crafting Table
Electron Tube
CogwheelBrass CasingCogwheel
Crafting Table

Mechanical Crafter3



Right click the front of a Mechanical Crafter with a Wrench to change the direction it sends items during crafting. The Mechanical Crafters are only connected by this path.

Mechanical Crafters can be automatically filled by Funnels or Hoppers.

On the back and sides of Mechanical Crafters, a Wrench can be used to connect or disconnect the inventory of two adjacent crafters. Crafters can share inventories while not participating in the same crafting recipe.

Items can also be inserted or removed by hand.


Each Mechanical Crafter has an internal gear that can only be powered by adjacent Mechanical Crafters or any size Cogwheel. This means only 1 Mechanical Crafter in a setup needs to be powered by a Cogwheel.


When powered by rotational force, Mechanical Crafters will send their items to adjacent crafters. For a successful recipe, the items must eventually meet in one crafter. Once all of the items reach the final Crafter, they will turn into the product. Crafters with Crafter Slot Covers act as empty spaces in a recipe; they can also be used to connect the inventory of otherwise separate crafters. Crafter Slot Covers will not move as recipe items will.

Mechanical Crafters will start crafting once every Mechanical Crafter has been filled, or when they receive a redstone signal.

Mechanical Crafters are able to assemble invalid crafting recipes, but will eject the items once they are together instead of turning them into the crafting product.

A crafter setup crafting a Mechanical Arm. You can tell which crafters share inventories and which do not by the borders. The crafters along the bottom allow one hopper to provide both with the ingredients.


Once a recipe is assembled in the final Crafter, the item will either be placed into the inventory of the block the Crafter faces, or will be ejected into the world if no such block exists.

If the final Crafter directs the finished product back into the recipe, the item must be manually removed from the Crafters by a player.

Mechanical Crafting Exclusive Recipes[]

Certain recipes cannot be crafted with regular Crafting tables and require the use of Mechanical Crafters. These recipes are the Extendo Grip, the Furnace Engine, the Crushing Wheel, and the Flywheel.