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The Mechanical Harvester is a component used on Contraptions to harvest crops.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Mechanical Harvester Andesite Alloy +
Iron Sheet +
Andesite Casing
Andesite AlloyIron SheetAndesite Alloy
Andesite AlloyIron SheetAndesite Alloy
Andesite Casing

Mechanical Harvester



The Mechanical Harvester will harvest all mature crops it comes in contact with while moving forward. It will then either deposit the items to an inventory on the Contraption, or, if no inventories are available, it will drop the items on to the ground.

Unlike most components, the Mechanical Harvester cannot be powered while stationary. This is likely due to the fact that in order for the Harvester to work, it must be within the same block as the mature crop to harvest, which could not happen with a stationary component.

In-Game Description[]

"A mechanical plant cutter suitable for large to small scale crop automation. It is movable with Mechanical Pistons, Bearings or other controllers.

While Moving[]

Harvests all mature crops the blade collides and resets them to their initial growth state.