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The Mechanical Mixer is a mechanical component that applies Mixing recipes and shapeless Crafting recipes to items in Basins.



Mechanical Mixer can be mined using any pickaxe. If mined without a pickaxe, it drops nothing.

ToolWooden Pickaxe.png
Breaking time[Note 1]
Blank.png Default7.5
Oak Planks.png Wooden1.15
Cobblestone.png Stone0.6
Iron Ingot.png Iron0.4
Diamond.png Diamond0.3
Netherite Ingot.png Netherite0.25
Gold Ingot.png Golden0.2
  1. Times are for unenchanted tools as wielded by players with no status effects, measured in seconds. For more information, see Breaking § Speed.


Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Mechanical Mixer Andesite Alloy +
Cogwheel +
Andesite Casing +
Andesite Alloy
CogwheelAndesite CasingCogwheel

Mechanical Mixer


The Mechanical Mixer is powered by an internal cogwheel, and will behave as one to any adjacent components, relaying and reversing rotation sideways.

The Mixer requires a minimum rotational speed of 32 RPM from its power source to work. Mixers will process ingredients faster the more speed it is given.

To work, a Mixer must be placed directly above a Basin, with a 1 block gap. When a valid recipe is inserted by throwing the ingredients in the Mixer, the Mixer will automatically combine the ingredients.

Automating Shapeless Recipes[]

All shapeless crafting recipes can be made automatically using the Mechanical Mixer by inserting required items into the Basin under the mixer. An example of such recipe is:

Automating Brewing[]

All Brewing recipes can be made automatically using the Mechanical Mixer by inserting the required items and fluids into the Basin under the mixer. Brewing recipes require heating with a blaze burner.


The Mechanical Mixer may be used to perform mixing recipes, which are not possible to make anywhere else. Those recipes include:

Name Ingredients Mixing Recipes
Andesite Alloy Andesite +
Iron Nugget
AndesiteIron Nugget
Mechanical Mixer
Andesite Alloy
Andesite Alloy Andesite +
Zinc Nugget
AndesiteZinc Nugget
Mechanical Mixer
Andesite Alloy
Brass Ingot Copper Ingot +
Zinc Ingot
Builder's Tea Any Leaves +
Water +
Oak LeavesWater 250mBMilk 250mB
Mechanical Mixer
Heating Required!
Builder's Tea 500mB
Chocolate Sugar +
Cocoa Beans +
SugarCocoa BeansMilk 250mB
Mechanical Mixer
Heating Required!
Chocolate 250mB
Chromatic Compound Glowstone Dust +
Powdered Obsidian +
Polished Rose Quartz
Crushed Brass Crushed Copper Ore +
Crushed Zinc Ore
Lava Any Cobblestone
Mechanical Mixer
Super Heating Required!
Lava 50mB


Version Changes
  • Added the Mechanical Mixer.
  • Mixers no longer ignore items inserted during processing.
  • Updated mixer tooltip.
  • Fixed mixers mistakingly ignoring recipes with 4 or 9 equal ingredients.
  • Mixers can no longer process single-item recipes.
  • Dough can now be created in the mixer without the need of Buckets.
  • Fixed mixer retracting after every operation when auto-output is active.
  • Added sounds for mixing noises.
  • Fixed mixer and press not checking for recipes once more after completing.
  • Fixed 3x3 compacting recipes marked as shapeless able to be processed by a mixer.