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The Mechanical Piston is a piston that can push Contraptions when powered with Rotational Power.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Mechanical Piston Any Planks +
Cogwheel +
Andesite Casing +
Piston Extension Pole
Oak Planks
CogwheelAndesite CasingCogwheel
Piston Extension Pole

Mechanical Piston
Sticky Mechanical Piston Mechanical Piston +
Mechanical Piston

Sticky Mechanical Piston
Piston Extension Pole Any Planks +
Andesite Alloy


Mechanical Pistons are a Contraption that will collide with unmovable blocks.

Moving Blocks[]

To extend, the Piston must have Piston Extension Poles at the end as well as Rotational power. The maximum extension pole length is 64 blocks, and this can be changed in the Config.

When the rotation is reversed, the piston will retract. The end must be made sticky with a Slimeball to bring the pushed blocks back with it.

Multiple blocks can be pushed with the use of Linear Chassis, Radial Chassis, or Super Glue.


  • 0.3: Added placement assist for Extension Poles.
  • 0.1: Introduced.