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The Mechanical Press is a mechanical component that applies Pressing, Packing, and Compacting recipes to items below it. It is an important early-game item, as it is used to press Ingots into Sheets, which are important ingredients for higher-level components.

The Mechanical Press is powered by an internal Shaft, accessed from two opposite sides. Much like Shafts, Presses will relay rotation along their axis. It processes items faster when it receives faster rotational power.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Mechanical Press Shaft +
Andesite Casing +
Block of Iron
Andesite Casing
Block of Iron

Mechanical Press



By default, the Mechanical Press will apply Pressing recipes to items underneath it. This can be set up in two ways:

  • When placed one space above any block, it will process all valid items on the block when given rotational power. Items with no pressing recipe are unaffected.
  • When placed one space above a Mechanical Belt, it will automatically press incoming items, stalling the belt until each operation is done. Items with no pressing recipe are ignored.

Pressing recipes cannot be applied in bulk.

Name Ingredients Pressing Recipe
Iron Sheet Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Mechanical Press
Iron Sheet
Golden Sheet Gold Ingot
Gold Ingot
Mechanical Press
Golden Sheet
Copper Sheet Copper Ingot
Copper Ingot
Mechanical Press
Copper Sheet
Brass Sheet Brass Ingot
Brass Ingot
Mechanical Press
Brass Sheet
Paper Sugar Cane
Sugar Cane
Mechanical Press
Grass Path Dirt or
Podzol or
Grass Block
Mechanical Press
Grass Path


When a Mechanical Press is placed above a Basin, it will apply Packing or Compacting recipes to ingredients in the Basin. Packing and Compacting recipes are applied one at a time and cannot be applied in bulk.

Packing recipes are any 2x2 or 3x3 crafting recipe that uses the same item in every slot. Some examples are:

Name Ingredients Compacting Recipe
White Wool String
Mechanical Press
White Wool
Slime Block Slimeball
Mechanical Press
Slime Block

The Mechanical Press will begin packing items as soon as there are enough of the same item.


When a Mechanical Press is placed above a Basin, it will apply Packing or Compacting recipes to ingredients in the Basin. Packing and Compacting recipes are applied one at a time and cannot be applied in bulk. Compacting recipes are following:

Name Ingredients Compacting Recipe
Honey Block 1000mB of Honey
Honey 1000mB
Mechanical Press
Honey Block
Blaze Cake Base Egg +
Sugar +
Cinder Flour
EggSugarCinder Flour
Mechanical Press
Blaze Cake Base
Bar of Chocolate 250mB of Chocolate
Chocolate 250mB
Mechanical Press
Bar of Chocolate
Andesite Flint +
Gravel +
100mB of Lava
Diorite Flint +
Calcite +
100mB of Lava
Granite Flint +
Red Sand +
100mB of Lava

The Press will automatically process any valid recipe it detects inside the Basin, regardless if there are leftovers inside, as long as the Basin has inventory space remaining.


Version Changes
  • Added the Mechanical Press.
  • Fixed typo in the Mechanical Press tooltip.
  • Added recipe type for custom Basin/Press compacting.
  • The Mechanical Press and similar processing can no longer commence whenever there is a block with a collision shape between the item and the machine.
  • The Mechanical Press now operates faster on faster input speed.
  • The Mechanical Press no longer requires a redstone signal to activate on in-world items.
  • Basins can no longer be placed directly under a Mechanical Press or Mixer.
  • Fixed Mechanical Press making constant noise when stopped at a specific frame.
  • The Mechanical Press can no longer create sheets in bulk, unless Configured otherwise.
  • Fixed the Mechanical Press missing items passing on a belt while retracting.
  • Fixed the Mechanical Press not retracting when items were removed early.
  • The Mechanical Press now makes less noise when pressing onto wool or belts.
  • Fixed the Mechanical Press advancement not firing when used with a Depot.
  • Added support for Sequenced Assembly to the Mechanical Press, Deployer, Spout and Mechanical Saw.
  • Added pressing recipes for path blocks from Environmental, Atmospheric and BetterEnd.
  • Remove podzol from the grass pressing recipe and add a compatibility recipe for Environmental's Podzol Path.
  • Recipe changed.