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The Portable Storage Interface is a block that allows stationary contraptions to directly interact with onboard inventories.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Portable Storage Interface Andesite Funnel +
Brass Casing
Andesite Funnel
Brass Casing

Portable Storage Interface


Shift-right-clicking on a Portable Storage Interface with a Wrench will destroy the Portable Storage Interface and place it in your inventory.


Transferring Items[]

Portable Storage Interfaces are used on Contraptions.

For Portable Storage Interfaces to interact they must face each other at 1-2 blocks apart. The moving interface must have an onboard inventory while the stationary interface has something inserting or extracting directly from it, such as a Mechanical Belt or Funnel. Inventory will then be exchanged at the rate of the inserting or extracting component.

Moving structures will stall when interfaces meet. A Redstone signal can be applied to break off the connection.