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The Rotation Speed Controller is a mechanical component that allows the player to precisely control rotational speed.



Rotation Speed Controller with its input / output.

Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Rotation Speed Controller Precision Mechanism +
Shaft +
Brass Casing
Precision Mechanism
ShaftBrass CasingShaft

Rotation Speed Controller

Rotation Speed Controller with speed indicator displayed when the block is pointed.


Controlling Rotation Speed[]

For the Rotation Speed Controller to work, it must be paired with a Large Cogwheel. The Rotation Speed Controller, when powered by the Large Cogwheel, outputs any desired speed of rotational force from its sides. It also does the opposite; when powered from its sides, it controls the speed of the Large Cogwheel.

The rotation speed can be set by looking at the front or the back of the machine and scrolling up or down. Shifting while scrolling allows the player to have more precise control over the speed. The speed can be set to any integer from -256 to 256.