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The Sail is a block used to create a Windmill.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Sail Frame Stick +
Andesite Alloy
White Sail Sail Frame +
Any Wool
Sail FrameSail FrameSail Frame
Sail FrameWhite WoolSail Frame
Sail FrameSail FrameSail Frame

White Sail8


Power Generation[]

When attached to a rotating structure on a Windmill Bearing, the Sail will generate power with the same effectiveness as Wool.

The Sail does not require Super Glue or a connected Linear or Radial Chassis

Power from Windmill
Number of attached Wool/Sail blocks Power produced RPM
1-15 512su 1
16-23 1024su 2
24-31 1536su 3
32-39 2048su 4
40-47 2560su 5
48-55 3072su 6
56-63 3584su 7
64-71 4096su 8
72-79 4608su 9
80-87 5120su 10
88-95 5632su 11
96-103 6144su 12
104-111 6656su 13
112-119 7168su 14
120-127 7680su 15
128+ 8192su 16


Right clicking on a placed Sail with Dye will dye the Sail. This is the only way to obtain Sail colors other than white. Double clicking applies the dye to each connected Sail. Placed Sails can also be Sheared into Sail Frames.