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A Schematic And Quill is used to save blueprints of a structure.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Empty Schematic Paper +
Light Blue Dye
PaperLight Blue Dye

Empty Schematic
Schematic And Quill Empty Schematic +
Empty SchematicFeather

Schematic And Quill


Making a Selection[]

Right click two blocks to select the area to be copied to the schematic. Right click again to name, save, and/or upload the schematic. The player can hold ctrl to highlight a block in midair and Scroll to adjust the distance, shift right click to remove the selection, or look at the selection's faces, hold ctrl, and scroll to adjust them.

Creating a Schematic[]

Once a Schematic And Quill is saved, it must be put through a Schematic Table to be used in a Schematicannon or Deployer.

If a Schematic is uploaded, it can be copied onto an Empty Schematic with a Schematic Table. This can be done across worlds.


Scanning and Printing Schematics in Create 1.14.3