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The Sequenced Gearshift allows finer control over Rotational power, allowing multiple changes to the rotation over a period of time.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Sequenced Gearshift Electron Tube +
Cogwheel +
Brass Casing +
Electron Tube
CogwheelBrass CasingCogwheel

Sequenced Gearshift


The Sequenced Gearshift can be given up to 5 commands at a time. Each command can be adjusted by hovering over them and scrolling in the interface.

The first column consists of the commands Turn by angle, Turn by Piston, Timed Delay, Await New Redstone Pulse, and End. The first two are simply different measurements of rotation corresponding to Mechanical Pistons and Mechanical Bearings, the third makes the Gearshift wait before proceeding to the next command, while the fourth stops the sequence until the Gearshift receives another pulse. End signifies the end of a sequence, but is not necessary for a sequence to be completed.

The second column adjusts the measurements for each command. Up to 360 Degrees for Turn, 128 blocks for Piston, and 30 seconds for Wait.

The third column adjusts speed and direction. Here, rotation can be doubled, reversed, both, or neither.

Sequenced Gearshift Interface.png