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The Spout is a block used for filling liquid containers such as bottles or buckets, or crafting with liquids.


Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Spout Fluid Tank +
Kelp +
Copper Nugget
Fluid Tank
Dried Kelp
Copper Nugget



The Spout can be filled with up to 1 bucket of any one liquid via Fluid Pipes. It will then spout the fluid at appropriate items that pass under it via a Conveyor Belt or Depot.

The Spout has eight unique crafting recipes.

Name Ingredients Filling Recipe
Grass Block Dirt + 500mB of Water
DirtWater 500mB
Filling by Spout
Grass Block
Blaze Cake Blaze Cake Base + 250mB of Lava
Blaze Cake BaseLava 250mB
Filling by Spout
Blaze Cake
Glowstone Dust Cinder Flour + 25mB of Potion of Night Vision
Cinder FlourPotion of Night Vision 25mB
Filling by Spout
Glowstone Dust
Redstone Dust Cinder Flour + 25mB of Potion of Strength
Cinder FlourPotion of Strength 25mB
Filling by Spout
Redstone Dust
Gunpowder Cinder Flour + 25mB of Potion of Harming
Cinder FlourPotion of Instant Damage 25mB
Filling by Spout
Sweet Roll Bread + 250mB of Milk
BreadMilk 250mB
Filling by Spout
Sweet Roll
Chocolate Glazed Berries Sweet Berries + 250mB of Chocolate
Sweet BerriesChocolate 250mB
Filling by Spout
Chocolate Glazed Berries
Honeyed Apple Apple + 250mB of Honey
AppleHoney 250mB
Filling by Spout
Honeyed Apple