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The Stockpile Switch measures how full an inventory is and can emit a Redstone signal at adjustable thresholds.



ToolWooden Pickaxe.png
Breaking time[Note 1]
Blank.png Default7.5
Oak Planks.png Wooden1.15
Cobblestone.png Stone0.6
Iron Ingot.png Iron0.4
Diamond.png Diamond0.3
Netherite Ingot.png Netherite0.25
Gold Ingot.png Golden0.2
  1. Times are for unenchanted tools as wielded by players with no status effects, measured in seconds. For more information, see Breaking § Speed.


Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Stockpile Switch Redstone Dust +
Redstone Comparator +
Iron Ingot +
Brass Casing
Redstone DustRedstone ComparatorIron Ingot
Brass Casing

Stockpile Switch


The Stockpile Switch detects how full an inventory is. This is shown as a chest icon on one of the red bars in the interface.


When placed by the player, the Stockpile Switch will attempt to orient itself toward an adjacent inventory. If multiple or no inventories are present, the Stockpile Switch may orient itself toward the player and can be adjusted as normal using the Wrench. At present, it cannot be oriented vertically.


Item thresholds can be set to determine when the redstone signal turns on or off. For example, a Switch can be set to give a signal as long as the inventory stock is below 25% inventory space, and after which can be set to not give another signal until the inventory stock dips below 5% inventory space.

The signal can be inverted by clicking the button showing two opposing arrows next to the lower threshold bar.


The interface of the Stockpile Switch

The switch has an inbuilt filter. The switch can be set to only count how much inventory the filtered items take up while ignoring every other item in the inventory. When a Filter is applied, the switch counts every item in the Filter while ignoring everything else.


Version Changes
  • Added the Stockpile Switch.
  • Stockpile Switches can now take a Filter.
  • Stockpile Switches no longer only access slots exposed to a specific side of an inventory.
  • Fixed Stockpile Switch emitting redstone power towards its detection target.
  • Stockpile Switches can now be inverted.
  • Fixed Stockpile Switches not dynamically updating GUI indicators frequently enough.
  • Gave Stockpile Switch output a delay (like comparators have) to improve stability.
  • Fixed Stockpile Switch not updating its redstone output when its signal is inverted.
  • Fixed Stockpile Switch not updating its signal when the inventory it's watching is moved.
  • Stockpile switch now works with Fluid Pipes and fluid containers.