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Super Glue holds structures in Contraptions together.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Super Glue Slimeball +
Iron Nugget +
Iron Sheet
SlimeballIron Sheet
Iron NuggetSlimeball

Super Glue


Right-click an area to begin selecting it. Sneak click or scroll off the glue to get rid of the selection. Right click a second block connected via other blocks to complete the selection. The second block can be up to 25 blocks away from the initially selected block. No matter the size of the selection, only 1 durability will be used. Overlapping instances of Super Glue will combine while keeping their shape.

For a structure to hold together, it must be within the Super Glued area and connected via blocks to the Contraption anchor. To get rid of the glue, simply punch it while holding Super Glue.

Super Glue can also be held in the offhand while placing blocks to automatically glue each block individually. Each use takes durability, however.

Super Glue can also be applied to Linear Chassis or Radial Chassis blocks in the same way as Slimeballs.

Super Glue can be enchanted with Unbreaking and Mending to extend its life.