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The Wand Of Symmetry is a helpful building tool that mirrors blocks placed.



Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Wand of Symmetry White Stained Glass Pane +
Refined Radiance +
Brass Ingot +
White Stained Glass PaneRefined Radiance
Brass IngotRefined RadianceWhite Stained Glass Pane
ObsidianBrass Ingot

Wand Of Symmetry


Mirroring Blocks[]

The wand has a range of 50 blocks.

Shift right click to adjust the wand's settings. It can be set to "Mirror Once, Rectangular, or Octagonal," and told what axis to mirror along.

Right click on the ground to place the wand. Right click again to place it elsewhere. While on the Mirror Once or Rectangular settings, the orientation can also be adjusted in-world. Right click on the air or remove the Wand from the hotbar to remove the wand from the world.

Place or destroy blocks around the wand to have it mirror the action to the other side(s). Placing takes the appropriate blocks from the inventory, and destroying spawns all the items at the block destroyed by the player.

A short demonstration of placement, and the settings Mirror Once and Octagonal.