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The Water Wheel is a source of rotational power. It generates rotational force when water flows over it.

Due to the fact that the materials required to craft it are easily accessible in the early-game, the Water Wheel serves as the earliest generator that can be made.

Total stress capacity can be increased by adding more wheels in sequence.


Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Water Wheel Any Wooden Slab +
Large Cogwheel
Oak SlabOak SlabOak Slab
Oak SlabLarge CogwheelOak Slab
Oak SlabOak SlabOak Slab

Water Wheel


When water flows over a Water Wheel, it will begin to rotate. This rotational power can be conveyed to other components from the Water Wheels' axis.

The more sides of the wheel the water covers, the faster the wheel will rotate and the more stress capacity it will provide. Only flowing water or source blocks with bubble columns counts toward the power generation.

The water wheel has a correct direction of rotation, shown by how the blades are oriented. Water flowing the wrong way around the wheel causes it to produce less rotational speed and stress capacity than if the water was flowing the right way. Having water flowing in the opposite directions might slow down the rotational speed or even stop it.

To maximize the output from a Water Wheel, have water flowing in the right direction around as much of the wheel as possible, like this:

Water Wheel Maximum Setup.png

Note that the soul sand on the left corner generates a bubble column flowing upwards in the two water source blocks above it. ATTENTION! This is a mistake that many people make, if you don’t have soul sand, place any block of your choice above where it shows the soul sand.

Water wheels can be placed side-by-side to add together their stress capacities.

Water wheels can also be powered by lava and will grant an achievement upon doing so


Two water wheels powering a mechanical belt with water

Water wheel set-ups with various powers generated.