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Simple Windmill

Simple Windmill from a creative test

Windmill with more than one chassis on the rotation axis of the mill.

It is composed of a Windmill Bearing - or Mechanical Bearing in older versions - and Wool/Sails.


Any block can be attached to the front of the Windmill Bearing but only Wool and Sails will produce power. The wool or sail can be placed in any configuration and shape does not matter. Super Glue is needed to attach blocks together. Sails will connect to each other and blocks that have already been attached without needing to use Super Glue. Right-click the windmill bearing with an empty hand to start the windmill. If you want to stop it to change the attached blocks, simply right-click on the block with an empty hand again. A Wrench can be used to change the spin direction of the windmill.

Amount of power from windmill
Number of attached wool/sail blocks Power produced RPM
0-7 0su 0
8-15 512su 1
16-23 1024su 2
24-31 1536su 3
32-39 2048su 4
40-47 2560su 5
48-55 3072su 6
56-63 3584su 7
64-71 4096su 8
72-79 4608su 9
80-87 5120su 10
88-95 5632su 11
96-103 6144su 12
104-111 6656su 13
112-119 7168su 14
120-127 7680su 15
128+ 8192su 16


Version 0.3.1: The minimum sail blocks required can now be adjusted in the config.
Version 0.3: Split functionality from Mechanical Bearing into the new Windmill Bearing.
Version 0.1: Added.